SNSU submits 9 programs for AACCUP Level II Survey Visit







The Quality and Assurance Management System office spearheaded the 5-day Online Program Accreditation- Level II Survey Visit by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) on August 15-19, 2022.

The programs evaluated in 4 campuses and the respective accreditors are the following:

Surigao City Campus

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Dr. Heherson A. Alcaraz-NVSU, Engr. Elenor M. Reyes-BatSU, Dr. Mardelyn B. Barrogo (Library)-ASCOT)

Del Carmen Campus

  • BS in Industrial Technology major in Automotive Technology (Dr. Joseph C. Pepito- CTU, Engr. Norxine L. Montalbo- BatSU, Prof. Maria Pretty Lay T. Abdala (Library)- BulSU)
  • Bachelor of Technical –Vocational Teacher Education (Dr. Renylin M. Udaundo- MPC, Dr. Armando D. Junio-PangSU, Prof. Maria Pretty Lay T. Abdala (Library)- BulSU)
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Technology ( Jonah G. Zante- ASCOT, Dr. Alexander N. Morados, Jr., -CPSC, Prof. Maria Pretty Lay T. Abdala- BulSU)
  • BS in Fisheries (Dr. Manuel B. Alberto- CNSC, Prof. Jocelyn S. Legaspi-CapSU, Maria Pretty Lay T. Abdala-BulSu)

Mainit Campus

  • Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (Dr. Shella D. Dela Cruz- CagSU, Dr. Jhoanna B. Calubaquib- CagSU, Dr. Consuelo J. Estigoy (Library)- NEUST)
  • Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (Dr. Gloria D. Tuzon- ISPSC, Dr. Cynthia L. Payonga-SLuSU, Dr. Consuelo J. Estigoy-(Library)- NEUST)
  • Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry – (Dr. Emerson V. Barcellano- ISU, Prof. Reynalen C. Paray-CFCST, Dr. Consuelo J. Estigoy- NEUST)

Malimono Campus

  • Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology (Prof. Rosalinda P. Shariff-MSU-TCTO, Dr. Pedro M. Avenido-SPAMAST, Dr. Mardelyn B. Barrogo (Library)-ASCOT)

Dr. Analyn M. Gamit of Nueva Ecija University of Science & Technology and Dr. Enrico R. Rivano of Laguna State Polytechnic University served as coordinators of the 2nd survey visit.

Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr, the University President, in his message, assured that “with my leadership together with my Vice Presidents, Campus Directors, Deans, Program Chairs, and Non-teaching Personnel, we will give all the support in order that each and every program will be able to achieve the objectives in line with the vision of this institution.”

Dr. Rivano, one of the coordinators, gives his impression of the activity and believes that their recommendations and insights would “open doors for new opportunities and development for SNSU true to its vision to be a leading industry-driven state university.”
Dr. Gamit, coordinator, shares that program accreditation is one of the small steps towards achieving institution’s larger goals.
Dr. Gamboa makes his commitment to supporting academic endeavors for the good of the University. 

Dr. Gamboa further expressed his gratitude to the accreditors, the local taskforce, stakeholders, and to all who have contributed to the success of the 2nd Survey Visit.

The participants to the AACCUP Online Program Accreditation Level II Survey Visit are all smiles during the opening program.
Everyone is wreathed in smiles as the 5-day accreditation has come to a close.

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